Why The Duck?

The term “duck” comes from a famous architectural book by Robert Venturi. The duck resembles a building that derives its form through its function. We deeply believe that function should dictate form. Attention to detail & materiality is key. We love minimal design, hence the minimal duck hatched. Send us a note if you’d like to collaborate.

Our Focus

“Less in MORE” by Mies van der Rohe. We combine minimalist ideas with constantly advancing technologies. We believe that we are all HUMAN and as Humans we should help one another. Products sold will always give a percentage of profit to a direct cause. Each product will have its own unique cause. E-mail us if you have any suggestions.

Made in California

We strive to design and manufacture everything in our shop in Richmond, California. We are fully involved in the design process & the manufacturing process. When we have to outsource, we always try to keep it as local as possible in order to maximize quality and minimize the carbon footprint of each product. Reach out to us if you’re a machine shop.

the X-Pen, Beautifully crafted Felt Tip Pen.
Designed & Made in California


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Crowdfunding Projects We Like

We love makers & crowdfunding projects. Everyday we try an highlight a project that we personally like. If you’re launching a new crowdfunding project reach out to us and we’d love to consider it. Send us a link to your hi-res images, or better yet send us a sample and we’ll shoot our own images.